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KDL, founded in 1990, is a company specialized fields in leather dyestuff, aluminium dyestuff and dichroic dyestuff etc... Company registered in Somoa, and over 1,000 varieties of products available.

KDL has sales, production, warehousing, and laboratory facilities. Standard products are typically shipped within twenty four hours.

KDL's continued growth is based on competitive high quality products backed by complete customer technical services ranging from in-house laboratory service through customer in-plant production troubleshooting, to quick response order processing.

At present, KDL is one of the foremost suppliers of leather dyestuff in the world. With the global leather industry transferred into the Asia-Pacific region, special into China. KDL has been advanced more rapidly.

Currently, besides the production line base in Boading, KDL has some branches which are in Taiwan and Qingdao. With the rapid developing in business, more and more challenging people joined our team, KDL now has more than 100 staffs.

We have the strongest technical service team whether our customers live anywhere or have any problem, we will give them the best service and help in time. At the same time, we have strong technician team, they can supply the latest and rapidest marketing information and technical support to our customers.

We firmly believe, through our effort, KDL will be one of the most reliant copartner in dyestuff industry of China. We will be stronger by our customer's support.

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