KDL Dyes for Leather
KDL Leather dyes can provide a wide variation in colour and quality.
Some dyes will penetrate the skin, providing a uniform colour. Other leather dyes
will resist in some areas and provide uneven colour or only deposit the colour on
the surface of the material.

Our product range are widely including Acid Dyes, Acid 1:1 Metal Complex Dye ,
Acid 1:2 Metal Complex Dye , Direct Dyes and Sulfur Dyes. The table below lists KDL Dyes for leather products along with brief descriptions  of each.

Yellow 4GL Green GV Red Brown E2R Grey S-GC
Yellow GR Green LBS Brown EDK Grey S-BC
Orange 2G Dark Green N Brown RL Black PM
Orange GS Beige E Brown OM Black PR
Red NG Beige L Olive Brown 5G Black PMR
Red RT Light Brown NG Olive Brown GB Black EG
Red DR Light Brown 2H Olive Green C-SG Black NB
Pink GL Brown KGL Brown NT Black NS
Bordeaux MW Brown NG Brown DR Black ER
Blue NL Brown NGB Brown DS Black G 200
Blue BL Brown GR Brown ESR Black R 200
Violet 4BR Brown G Dark Brown DZ Black NBR
Blue 4G Brown R Dark Brown ESM Black GF
Dark Blue TB Brown HR Dark Brown B Black NGS
Dark Blue EN Brown MFR Dark Brown E4B Black CDK


DISCLAIMER: Shades shown above are for quick reference only. Please ask for samples.

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